Insider Secrets To As The World Turns.

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As the World Turns was the first soap opera to run in a 30 minute time slot, instead of 15. The Procter and Gamble produced drama would also become the first soap to run in a 60 minute slot. It premiered in 1956 and had a long, illustrious run with its last episode airing on September 17, 2010.

The soap opera, itself, didn’t have too many secrets on the outside, but it certainly did, however, carry story lines where many characters revealed secrets on the inside. From illegitimate babies to unspeakable crimes, As the World Turns never failed to Read more…

Find Out Who’s Talking About As The World Turns.

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If you are a fan of the television soap opera As the World Turns, you might wish that you could talk about your favorite show with other people who are interested in it. Although your friends and family members might get tired of hearing you gabbing about the show and what is going on with it, you should know that you aren’t alone in being a fan of As the World Turns. Therefore, you should consider meeting up with others who you can talk to about your favorite show, characters, Read more…

Seven Shocking Facts About As The World Turns.

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As The World Turns was on the air from April 2, 1956, to September 17, 2010. It was the second only to Guiding Light as the longest running soap opera on TV. It features peeks into the personal lives of the doctors, lawyers and other members of the Hughes family from Oakdale, Illinois. There are many interesting facts about As The World Turns.

Many famous stars got their first roles on the show. Some of the notable actresses are Meg Ryan, Lauryn Hill, Courtney Cox and Julianne Moore. Some famous actors are Berto Read more…

The Truth About As The World Turns.

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The soap opera, As the World Turns, first aired in America on CBS on April 2, 1956 for 30 minutes. Millions of viewers tuned in daily to find out what was going on with the soap opera. Even conversations at the dinner table would comment on the latest developments of the show.

The core family of the show was the Hughes family. Nancy Hughes, played by Helen Wagner, was the mother, Chris Hughes, played by Don MacLaughliln, was the father, with Bob Hughes, played by Don Hastings, as their son. As Bob grew up, he married Lisa Miller, played by Read more…

What Is Really Happening On As The World Turns?

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As the World Turns was a soap opera that lasted fifty four years on television allowing us to wish we had a family like that and a handsome man that kissed us like the men on as the world turns did. All the twists and turns, the plots that always bought someone back from the dead years later. It had a way of drawing everyone and anyone in with one watching of a show. We just had to tune in to find out if Holden was really dead or we Read more…

As The World Turns – An Overview.

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“As the World Turns” popped onto television screens in 1956 as a daytime program for housewives. It has since changed and morphed as times have changed significantly, but its core story line remains intact. “As the World Turns” takes place in the fictional town of Oakdale, Il and centers around the goings-on of professional families and their social lives.

When the show premiered and for years afterwards the focus was on the Hughes family, a clan made up of doctors, Read more…

The Ultimate Guide To As The World Turns.

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As The Word Turns is one of longest lasting soap operas on television. Its first episode aired in 1956. The plot revolves around midwestern town of Oakdale and its residents. Over the years, As The World Turns has lost and gained some amazing characters and millions of fans have welcomed them into their homes each and every day. As its last episode has run, As The World Turns is perhaps, even more popular than ever.

In the final episode of As Read more…

Unknown Facts About As The World Turns.

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As the World Turns was one of television’s longest running series and has many secrets, facts, and stories that most people aren’t aware of. Here are some of those facts:

As the World Turns produced 13,661 episodes before it was cancelled and ran from April of 1956 until September of 2010.

When the soap opera Another World was cancelled in 1999, several of its characters moved and started to appear on As the World Turns.

As the World Turns was performed live until 1975 when they began to tape it pre-recorded instead.

When President Read more…